Kitchen Island Makeover

Happy Monday! I am so excited to share my kitchen island with you all today! I’ve been wanting to do this project for over a year now but haven’t been brave enough to do it…. until now that is. We moved into this home almost 3 years ago. I remember I was a little hesitant to give the go ahead on purchasing this home because it really wasn’t my style, but in terms of property size and practicality, it fit what we needed. At the time homes were selling within days, we sold our first home in under 24 hours! So we had to make our decision quickly. I gave the go ahead and have spent the last few years making it feel like more my style. I still have a ways to go but I am getting there!


Beautiful, dark hardwood cabinets are all throughout our home. While they are beautiful I have always and will always prefer white cabinets. White cabinets can really brighten a kitchen up and that’s what I wanted to do in our kitchen; paint all of our cabinets white. Matt’s response, “Are you cray cray?!”

I can be ‘cray cray’ at times but I really wanted white cabinets somewhere so I compromised; the kitchen island would be adorned with my white paint but I would leave the rest of the cabinets alone.        (For now.)

First step was to add some bead board to the island. I am a HUGE fan of bead board.


I went to a local hardware store here in town, picked out my bead board and had them cut it to size for me. (I never knew hardware stores would do that for you! So if you are like me and are intimidated because you have never used a power tool before and are afraid of slicing off a body part… now you know.) I towed it home and used my nail gun and some liquid nails to attach it to our island. I then used a caulking gun to caulk around the edges to give it a nice, seamless look.


Next step was washing all of the island off with warm, soapy water to get any dirt or grime off. I used this primer (my favorite primer of all time), and gave the island 2 coats.


This is what it looked like after 2 coats of primer.


A fellow instagramer used this product to paint her kitchen cabinets and raved about it. It is a little more expensive but it’s worth it, believe me. This paint dries down very smooth and gives a really nice, easily cleanable finish to the cabinets. I was hoping I would only have to use 1 coat of this but ended up having to do 2.


Here she is, bead board and all. This makes my heart happy.


It wasn’t that the dark wood island wasn’t pretty before because it was, this is just more me.


I painted it the same color as our pantry door so that it would tie in with each other.


The bead board adds so much. I had never worked with bead board before but it was pretty simple to add.


I still need to change our brown outlets out and purchase white ones.


I am so happy I decided to go with my gut instinct and do this project even though some people thought I was little ‘cray cray’.  🙂



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