Summer Front Porch

This last weekend Matt surprised me with a trip to KC. It was one of those trips that I didn’t really know I needed until we were there. We did some shopping, lots of eating (one of the best parts of vacation in my opinion), some antiquing and went to a KC Royals game. It was such a relaxing, fun weekend. We actually had conversations with no interruptions, were able to sleep in, eat breakfast that was already made for us and had to be on no time schedule for two whole days. It was glorious.

Today I wanted to share my summer front porch with you all! Our porch has come a long ways from this:


To this:


Last month we added this porch swing and it is one of my favorite porch additions. Front porches, if large enough, should always have a porch swing. It’s a rule of life I think.


This front door is not our forever front door but it works for now. The planters were $3 at a garage sale. I’m not sure what they are really made for but they work great to hold these pretty ferns.


I got this table at a garage sale for $7. I chalk painted it and did some distressing to it.


These yellow flowers have been so pretty the last month or so but the sun has finally did them in I think.


These flowers are still going strong!


I purchased this wreath from Hobby Lobby and added this striped fabric to hang it.



The swing gets used quite often except the evenings can be pretty hot up here since the front of our house faces west. In the fall it will be perfect weather for front porch swinging.



Does it get much cuter than that?!

Thanks for stopping by friends!


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