Brielle & Grace

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My 3 year old, Brielle, does not walk.

Rather, she jumps, skips, runs and leaps through this thing we call life. She is always on the go, always on the move.

When Brielle opens her eyes in the morning she does not stretch her little arms over her head and let out a yawn; she does not slowly close her eyes and go back to sleep. The second her eyes open, her body instantaneously jumps out of bed and she starts asking for milk repeatedly.

Brielle repeats the same question until she gets an answer from you. There is no ignoring Brielle. And if it’s not the answer she wants to hear, she will repeat it again, and again, and again. And then again some more.

Brielle gets mad, stomps to her room, slams the door, locks it and then proceeds to yell, “I don’t like you anymore.” (This started at the age of 2 1/2. And I have no clue how she learned to do that.)


Brielle calls people, “cray cray”.

Brielle is full of energy and passion.

Brielle is stubborn and sassy.

But often, when I get upset with Brielle, a few seconds will pass, her eyes will brim up with tears and she will squeak out, “But do you still love me?”

Insert all the melted hearts here.

Dang it’s hard to discipline this girl.

It melts my heart, each and every time and I instantly feel “mom guilt”, even though 98% of the time she is getting in trouble because she needs to be getting in trouble. I always give her a big hug and say, “I’ll always love you Brielle, no matter what you do.”

Isn’t this like me and you?

We mess up. We don’t listen. We lash out at our spouse. We yell at our kids. We are selfish and want what we want. We hurt the people we love. We slam the door in their faces. We shout out (internally or externally), “I don’t like you!” Like Brielle, we can be sassy and stubborn.

After our outbursts, our times where we feel guilty about our actions or words…. we want to know, “But do you still love me? Are you sure? All these broken, messy parts of me?”

When I mess up, when I have a bad day or a bad week and lash out at the people I love….. When those people forgive me and give me grace and tell me, “I’ll always love you Kayla”…..

What a reminder for me – Give out the grace that you desire for yourself. If there is nothing else you get from this, I hope you get this point.

I want grace, I need grace and so I will give grace.

Father, help me to be more gracious than I am now. Help me to give grace when it’s hard and when I don’t feel like doing it. Help me to be more like you.


Who knew I would learn so much about grace from a stubborn, sassy, but absolutely adorable, loveable 3 year old.



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