Dark Painted Hallways

When Matt and I moved into our first home, we had all of the walls in the main living areas painted a dark yellow, mustard color. I’m talking like a dark yellow folks. In our master bedroom we painted the walls a very dark maroon shade. We were literally both obsessed with this color. Our bathrooms were adorned with light blue paint. What a nice array of color choices, huh?! Above our kitchen cabinets we purposely put up 2 large red pasta plates of a cartoon chef character holding a plate of spaghetti to add some decor’ to the kitchen.


Source: Pasta Plates

They looked something like this but much bigger.

My style has changed very much so from back then. Thank goodness. You will no longer find Italian pasta men holding plates of spaghetti above our kitchen cupboards or any traces of dark, maroon paint.

I really feel like my style is always evolving. I love so many different styles that it can be hard to hone in on one décor style for my home. One thing I have been missing from my home is color. I do think the farmhouse white trend is beautiful but honestly….. I’m kind of over it. (Hands over eyes) So I decided to paint my hallways a dark, blue-grey color to add some drama and richness to our home.

Here is a before picture:


And after:


Goodbye beige walls! I was NERVOUS to go with this dark of a paint color but if you never try you never know. Luckily for me, Matt and I both approve.






This mirror was a birthday gift to myself.


The glass is antique looking. It’s kind of hard to tell in the picture but it is a really cool piece. I like using a lot of mirrors when decorating because I love looking at myself all the time. JKJK! The real reason is, is because mirrors reflect a lot of light so make spaces appear bigger than they really are.


Can you see I’m going for a little bit of a different style than farmhouse?


Whatever your style is, just do YOU! If you love Italian pasta men holding plates of spaghetti and olive oil on plates, then put those suckers up on display! Or if the white farmhouse trends gives you all the feels; get out that white paint girl. Our homes should be our sanctuaries. A place where we can just be. As for me, my home will probably always be changing because I love décor/design so much!

Thanks for stopping by friends! Have a great week!!


4 thoughts on “Dark Painted Hallways

  1. Kayla: Agreed – Your style is always changing & you definitely are always thinking outside the box – You’re so creative & an inspiration to all. You seem to do everything well – Wife – Mother – Designer – Writer & A Great Friend. Always B. Graver

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