A Bad Day

  My feet hit the floor and I knew. It was going to be a bad day. I had woken up in a bad mood and I didn’t know why. Nothing bad had happened the day before, but when my eyes opened that morning my mind-set was instantly filled with negative thoughts and my patience … More A Bad Day


The house is quiet, windows open, the breeze blowing in; birds are singing their songs and sunlight is filtering through sparse clouds. It has been a beautiful day. Not just weather wise but soul wise. You know those days where everything just seems pretty perfect. Today is one of those days. This week I have … More Intentional

Be You

Ever look at somebody else and think to yourself, “Why can’t I be more like them?” Maybe you are a little more shy and reserved and ask yourself, “Why can’t I be more outgoing?” Maybe you have curly hair and wish it was straight. Or maybe you wish you had somebody else’s life. You wish … More Be You

One On One

This week my 2 older girls are at their mana and papas’ house which leaves me with only 1 little girl at home. It is WEIRD only having 1 child around. And feels easy. Super easy. Like really, really easy x 100. With Brielle being the youngest she’s really never had a lot of one … More One On One