Building Blocks

BUILDING BLOCKS Sometimes it’s the little things that all pile together; much like wooden blocks that little hands stack. One by one they go up, higher and higher. The pile starts to tilt a little to the left so the next block is put on a tad to the right. Things are shaky but everything … More Building Blocks

12 Year Anniversary

Today is my husband, Matt and I’s 12 year anniversary. 12 years seems like a life time but also like a fleeting moment at the same time. Like any marriage, we’ve had ups and downs, highs and lows. We’ve experienced life’s greatest miracles x 4, the birth of our 4 daughters. We’ve also experienced life’s … More 12 Year Anniversary

Shadow & Gusto

I’ve never been a morning person. I think I was the absolute worst in high school. Literally getting out of bed 10 minutes before I had to be at school. Sorry mom. But recently I heard someone say, “If you aren’t a morning person, I suggest you become one.” I’ve made excuses all these years … More Shadow & Gusto

Window Boxes

Happy Thursday! We are nearing the end of home school which has me pretty excited as well as some little girls around here. Only 1 week left! We’ve been keeping busy the last month with lots of outside projects. We recently just completed something we’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. Window … More Window Boxes

Hand Washed Dishes

  The bubbly, hot water rising, the gentle sound of our sink filling up and the scent of pine dish soap lingering in the air. She ate her chips and cheese and chatted with me, her feet dangling off the bar-stool. One by one, I swirled the hot, soapy water over each dish. I scrubbed … More Hand Washed Dishes

Swing Set Update

Hi friends! I am snuggled in my bed with my cozy socks on as I type this now. Anyone else’s husband like it freezing in their house?!?! The weather has been a lot warmer lately, the girls had a water balloon fight today and ran through the sprinkler. Do you remember as a kid, trying … More Swing Set Update

Stained Fence

With warmer temps finally making their arrival we tackled a project last weekend that we’ve been putting off for years. To be exact, 3 or 4 years. We stained our fence in our backyard! Finally! After doing it, I now know why we waited so long. It was not the most fun project we’ve ever … More Stained Fence


  I’ve wrote down the words. I’ve meditated on them. I’ve read them in His word. And I’ve believed them. Words of truth and hope. But every now and then, it sneaks in like a quick moving storm. The clouds start hovering over, the wind picks up, the sun blocked by thick clouds, darkness surrounding … More Success

New Decor in Nook

Little nooks are one of my favorite spaces to decorate. I’ve always dreamed of having a little breakfast nook with big windows on all sides. Maybe that will happen someday! That’s one of the things I love about old houses… there usually is plenty of cute little nooks waiting to be decorated. We don’t have … More New Decor in Nook

Wallpapered Fridge

In our kitchen we don’t have a lot of open wall space.  Every wall has cabinets on it so there is no where to put an open shelf or hooks to display items. A while ago I added these wooden hangers from H & M to the side of our fridge using magnets. It makes … More Wallpapered Fridge

You Told Me

A Song: You Told Me You told me what beauty was & how to be sure You showed me things I’ve never seen before & I wanted it more And so I tried & I observed & I closed my eyes & wished for it But everytime I thought this was it everytime I was … More You Told Me